Simple Ways To Repair Dents

Dents are considered a very hard problem to solve as they are easy to create and difficult to repair. Getting rid of a dent is considered as a very difficult task as it takes up a lot of money and valuable time, both of which are highly required by the modern life spenders as it is a very difficult job to get both of them in at the same time. However, in order to avoid this serious problem, there are some household solutions which could be implemented in order to get rid of the dents, scratches or bent metal parts of a car or a vehicle.

The first solution is simple quick fix pen for scratches as one just has to move the tip of the pen once or twice over the scratch then the scratch will automatically cover itself. The logic behind this is that the chemical compounds in the pens fill the eroded paint and cover it using the surrounding paint.
The second solution is a bit theoretical but it does work. The job is that you should purchase some dry ice, it is available in most places but ht e cheapest source is that to order online in large quantity, which might be a wise thing to do as the dry ice evaporates at room temperature. All one has to do is that apply the dry ice to dent for a few seconds then remove it. Repeat the process until the dent I completely gone. The process might be simple but handling dry ice with bare hands causes cold burns, which freezes your blood in the body and might cause a body part to be damaged or even could cause death.
The third major solution could use a hair drier and an air duster. The trick is to apply the heated cloth at proper place with proper pressure so that the metal will mold back into its original form with a little effort and some force at right places. The fourth major way could be to use an aluminum foil, an air duster and a lighter. In the process, you have to burn the aluminum foil and apply the pressure near the dent o that the heat pushes the dent parts out. But during the process, you have to be careful that the paintwork doesn’t get destroyed.
The fifth and most difficult option is that to use a common hammer and hit the dented parts at accurate angles so that the force of hammering will also push out the metal, but be careful not a hammer too hard that the paintwork could be damaged or even worse the dents could also get even worse. By using the described methods one could be sure that those taunting dents will be removed in very cost-effective yet simple ways. The major advantage of using these methods is that they are cost effective and you are not without your car as professional repairs could take days.  These tips were bought to you by industry expert, David Deicke.