KJ Barbers, Adelaide offers haircuts and grooming services

Increasingly men, especially younger men, are conscious of their appearance and are wish to look well groomed. While they have to visit a barber periodically for a haircut, they often do not have the time to visit a beauty salon for grooming and skin care. To overcome this problem, both locals and visitors in Adelaide can book a treatment at KJ Barbers Adelaide since it offers packages which combine a hair cut with skin care treatment. Some of the various hair cutting, shaving, skin care and grooming services provided at KJ Barbers are described below for reference to help men make the right choice.


KJ barbers offers a wide range of haircuts to suit the requirement of the customer. The experienced and well trained barbers will consider the customers personal preferences, face shape, hair type,thickness to select the right hairstyle for each customer. They also offer skin fades. In addition to haircuts they will also shave the face, to give it a clear look. Customers with a beard, can opt to have the beard trimmed to make it look tidy. The hair and the beard will also be washed and dried after trimming it. Eyebrow waxing is also included in the grooming package.

Each package booked at KJ barbers includes a free skincare consultation to identify problems with the skin so that they can be treated. Depending on the package booked,different skin care treatments are also provided. Each package includes a facial cleanse to remove dirt and grime which may be embedded in the skin. For cleaning the skin more thoroughly the exfoliating scrub which uses charcoal is recommended. After the scrub is completed, the facial mask is applied, so that the skin looks younger and smoother. Men work long hours, so they have dark circles under their eyes. Hence in addition to the facial cleansing, the gold eye mask which help mask the dark circles and boosts collagen is recommended.


To make the visit to the barber an enjoyable and relaxing experience, a head massage is also included in the premium package. Customers can conveniently check the prices, features of the package and book the grooming package they want online. Since at least two staff members attend to the each customer, the customer is requested to book a slot well in advance,especially on weekends. While customers wait for their haircut they can browse the skincare and apparels available for sale in the shop. KJ barbers also has its own private label range of skincare products. Complimentary drinks and beverages are offered to all customers visiting the store.