How to deal with fake reviews of a business

To attract new customers, most businesses have to advertise extensively, yet this can result in unwanted attention from business rivals and others who are hostile to the business owner. These business rivals may directly or indirectly post negative reviews of the business, which can adversely affect the reputation of the business and sales. Hence it is important for every business owner to know how to deal with fake reviews both online and offline. He should also take suitable measures to ensure that no one will post a negative fake review if they have not purchased a product or service from the business.  For example, an ecommerce website that has received negative product reviews, should definitely look into product review removals.

Most businesses have some details of their real customers who have actually paid them. They also make an effort to ensure that they are happy with their services, do not post negative reviews. In case they find a negative review, they should check whether the person posting the review has actually purchased a service or product from them. In many cases, the person who is posting the negative review has never ever contacted the business owner anytime in their life, there is no interaction at all, and this can be legally proved. So the person is posting the review only out of malice and for defamation.

If the fake review is posted online, the website owner should be contacted and informed that the review is fake and defamatory. The website owner should also be told to remove the fake review, since it is damaging the reputation of the business. Most website owners will ask the person who posted the review to reply within a few days. In case the person genuinely had a negative experience, they may be able to provide proof of their interaction with the business. In other cases if there is no interaction at all between the business and review poster, the review is fake and the negative review will be removed from the website